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Cat#: CDA68146 New Release
Bach: Goldberg Variations (2015 recording) 巴赫:《郭德堡變奏曲》
Artist: Angela Hewitt
Details: (新版錄音,演奏時長82分14秒!!)
安琪拉赫維特(Angela HEWITT) 鋼琴
巴赫鋼琴大賽桂冠得主新力作; 演奏時長近83分!!
演、錄俱佳; 英國原裝進口
CDA67305(首次於1999年錄音版本) 亦同步發行

Sixteen years have passed since Angela Hewitt’s first, justly celebrated, version of the ‘Goldbergs’. She here commits to record her ever-evolving response to a work which contains the ‘shadowed lesson of the whole world’, and which continues to play a central role in her life as an artist.
Price: HK$ 140

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