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Cat#: CD-735 New Release
Sacred Tibetan Chants from the Great Prayer Festival
Artist: Monks of Drepung Loseling Monestery
Details: Portions of this recording were used in the National Geographic TV Special Tsangpo Gorges, and in the feature films Seven Years in Tibet and Chinese Box.

"An ample and well-written text details the purpose behind these ritual chants, among which a rare cycle is heard in its entirety. The remoteness ofTibetcreated and preserved a musical practice which is absolutely unique. For those familiar with Tibetan chanting, it will be a welcome offering to hear the chanting from this once-vital monastery. Once being the keyword, as the text underscores the genocide and destruction vent on the peaceful Tibetan nation by the occupying Chinese, a horrific tragedy which continues.¡KThe monastery, or better, its survivors, went into exile inIndia. Their sad story is told in the text."
¡XAllan Evans, Fanfare
Price: HK$ 130

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