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Cat#: AUD23424 New Release
德佛札克:a小調小提琴協奏曲/ 布拉姆斯/巴赫/韓德爾/ 韋瓦第: 小提琴奏鳴曲/ 克萊斯勒/法雅/拉威爾: 小提琴
Artist: 瑪茨 (Johanna Martzy) 小提琴/ 弗利柴(Ferenc Fricsay)指揮 柏林德意志交響樂團
Details: ● 一九五三∼六六年珍稀柏林RIAS錄音集
● 德國原裝進口

Portrait Johanna Martzy
Violin Concerto, Violin Sonatas & Violin Pieces, Berlin 1953-1966
This edition impressively shows the position to which the Hungarian violinist Johanna Martzy is entitled in the history of twentieth-century violin playing, despite the brevity of her career. Her name has become a legend amongst experts, and her recordings are rare collector's items. Alongside the radio production of Dvorák's Violin Concerto, the chamber recordings prove that Johanna Martzy was still at the height of her powers at the end of her career.
Price: HK$ 155

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